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Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

[Online Shop] Daftar MV

Daftar MV Kpop

2AM - Can't Let You Go Even If I Die
2AM - Can't I Love You [Dream High OST]
2AM - Like Crazy
2AM - No.1
2AM - You wouldn't answer my calls
2NE1 - Can't Nobody
2NE1 - Clap Your Hands
2NE1  ft Big Bang  - Lollipop  (LG Cyon CF)
2NE1 - Go Away
2NE1 - I Dont Care
2NE1 - It Hurts
2NE1 - Try To Copy me
2PM - 10 out of 10
2PM - Again and Again
2PM - Fly To SEOUL
2PM - Follow Your Soul
2PM - Heartbeat
2PM - I Will Give You My Life MV
2PM - I'll Be Back
2PM - My Color
2PM - Nori for You
2PM - Only You
2PM - Thank You
2PM - Without U
4MEN - Say I Love You [Secret Romance OST] 
4men - 직접부른 노래로 뮤비제작 [My Love OST]
4Men - Ttok Ttok Ttok
4Minute - FIRST
4minute - I My Me Mine
5dolls - Lip Stains [MV Part 1]
5dolls - Your Words  [MV Part 2]
8eight - Goodbye My Love
8eight - No One Cries Because They Want To
8Eight - The End Is Coming
After School - Bang!
After School - Because of You
After School - LOVE LOVE LOVE
B2ST - Beautiful
B2ST - Mystery
B2ST - Shock
B2ST- Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)
Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon - My Ear's Candy
Beige ft RyeoWook - Falling In Love With A Friend
Big Bang - Beautiful Hangover
Big Bang - Dirty Cash
Big Bang - Goodbye Baby
Big Bang - LaLaLa
Big Bang - Last Farewell
Big Bang - Lie
Big Bang - Lollipop 2
Big Bang - My Heaven
Big Bang - Sunset Glow
Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye
Big Bang - Tonight
Big Bang ft. No Brain - Oh My Friend
BIGBANG  - Haru Haru
BoA - Eat You Up
BoA - Energetic
BoA - Key of Heart
Brave Brothers ft. Jay Park - I Want To Cry.
Brave Brothers & Electroboyz & Kang Min Kyung - Drawing You
Brown Eyed Girls - Hold The Line
Brown Eyed Girls - How Come
Brown Eyed Girls - Sign
Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) - Abracadabra
C.N.Blue - High Fly (Acoustic OST)
CN Blue - Intuition
CN Blue - I'm a Loner
CN Blue - Love
Chae Yeon - Look Look Look 
CO-ED - Bbiribbom Bberibbom
Co-Ed - Too Late
Dal Shabet - Supa dupa diva
Davichi - From Me To You
Davichi - Hot Stuff [My Fair Lady OST]
Davichi - Love and War
Davichi - My Man
Davichi - Stop The Time
DBSK  - Colors ~ Melody and Harmony
DBSK - Asu Wa Kurukara
DBSK - Athena [Athena OST]
DBSK - Balloons
DBSK - Beautiful You
DBSK - Before you go
DBSK - Bolero
DBSK - Forever Love
DBSK - Hi Ya Ya
DBSK - Keep Your Head Down
DBSK - Mirotic
DBSK - Miss You
DBSK - Picture of You
DBSK - Rising Sun
DBSK - Shine
DBSK - Somebody To Love
DBSK - Stand By You
DBSK - Survivor
DBSK - Why did I Fall in Love with You
DBSK - Wrong Number
DBSK & Super Junior - Show Me Your Love
DBSK (ft Seohyun SNSD) - Journey [Paradise Ranch OST]
December - Learned My Lesson In Love
December - Tears In Heaven (Ver.1)
December - Tears In Heaven (Ver.2)
Dong Hae & Kyu Hyun (Super Junior) Feat. Han Ji Min- Happy Bubble
DongWoon (B2ST) + MinKyung (Davichi) - Udon
Drama(Dalmatian)& Yoseob(BEAST) - First Snow First Kiss
Epik High - Run
Evan - Even Men ...Can be so helpless
f(x) - Chu~
f(x) - LA chA TA
F(x) - NU ABO
f(x) [Luna & Krystal] - Hard but Easy
F.CUZ - Jiggy
F.CUZ - No One
F.T Island- Heaven & Love Is
F.T. Island - After Love
F.T. Island - Treasure
FT Island - Brand New Days
FT Island - I Believe Myself
FT Island - I'm Happy
FT ISLAND - Love Love Love
FT Island - Love Sick
FT ISland - Raining
FT Island - She Doesn't Know
FT Island - Thunder + Only one person
FTIsland - So today
G.NA - Black & White
G.NA - I already miss you
G.NA - I'll back off so you can live well
G.NA - Let me Kiss You [Mischievous Kiss OST]
Gain (BEG) - Irreversible
G-Dragon & T.O.P - Baby Good Night
G-Dragon and T.O.P.- Knock Out
G-DRAGON - G Market Party!
G-Dragon & T.O.P - HIGH HIGH
G-Dragon & T.o.P (Ft. Park Bom) - 4ever With U
G-Dragon ~ A Boy
G-Dragon ~ Breathe
G-Dragon ~ Butterfly
G-Dragon ~ Heartbreaker
Gummy - As A Man
Gummy - Because of You [Will It Snow for Christmas OST] 
Gummy - I Want To Wait [Midas OST]
Gummy - Love You Till Death [Daemul OST]
Gummy - There Is No Love
Gummy & Bobby Kim - Love Recipe [Finding Mr.Destiny OST]
Gummy ft. T.O.P - I'm sorry
Hong Jin Young - Love's Battery
Hye Ryoung - Another Thought
Hyomin (T-ara) & Brave Brothers & Electroboyz - Beautiful Girl
HyunA - Change (ft. JunHyung)
Hyun Bin -  That Man [Secret Garden OST]
I Can - Memory
Im Ft. Hwanhee - Unrequited Love
Infinite - Come back again
IU  - The Story Only I Didn't Know
IU - Alicia
IU - Good Day
IU - I Hoppin U
IU - Marshmallow
IU - Mia
IU - You Know
Jang Jae In - Please [Athena OST]
Jea (BEG) & Go (MBLAQ) - (Because You Sting)
Jewelry  - One More Time
Ji Young (KARA) & Sung Je (Supernova) - Merry Love
Jo Sung Mo - Mr.Flower
Jo Sung Mo (조성모) - 웃을께 [Coffee House OST]
JOO  (Feat. Chansung) - Bad Guy
JYJ ft Kanye West- Ayyy Girl
JYJ - Found You [Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST]
JYP Nation - This Christmas
K.Will - Dropping The Tears
K.Will - Gift
K.Will - Love Is Punishment [Brilliant Legacy OST] 
K.Will - Pond of tears [Wedding Dress OST]
K.Will feat MC Mong - Love 119
K.Will ft. Supreme Team's Simon D & Sistar's Hyorin - Amazed
K.Will - My Heart Is Beating 
K-Will - Can't Open Up My Lips
Kahi - Come Back You Bad Person
Kan Mi Yeon - Going Crazy (feat Mir, Lee Joon)
Kan Mi Yeon - Paparazzi
Kangta - Arrow [Athena OST]
KARA - 2Me
KARA - Break It
KARA - Honey
Kara - Jet Coaster Love
Kara - Jumping
Kara - Lupin
Kara - Mr.
KARA - Same Heart
KARA - Wanna (Ver. 2)
KARA - Wanna
Kara - We're with you
KARA - Good Day
Kara- Rock U
Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) - GIRL
Kim Hyung Jun (SS501) - oH! aH!
Kim Ji Eun - Yesterday is Different from Today
Kim Jong Kook - Don't Be Good To Me
Kim Jong Kook – The Letter
Kim Jong Kook - This is the Person
Kim Jong Kook - Today More Than Yesterday
Kim Jong Wook ft. Kang Min Kyung - If You Pretend
Kim Tae Woo - Dreaming Dream [IRIS OST]
Krystal f(x) - Melody
Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Lee Hyori - AnyStar
Lee Hyori - Hey Mr. Big
Lee Hyori- AnyMotion
Lee Hyori - Toc Toc Toc
Lee Hyori feat Gary (Leesang) - Swing
Lee Hyo Ri - U - Go - Girl  
Lee Hyori - 10 Minutes
Lee Hyun - 30 Minutes Ago
Lee Hyun (8eight) - The best of my life
Lee Ki Chan ft. Supreme Team - L.O.V.E
Lee Seung Gi - Let's Break Up
Lee Seung Gi - Starting Now I Love You
Lim Jeong Hee (Feat. Jokwon)-Would Never Be Real
M To M - Goodbye
M To M - I'm So Sorry
M to M - Sae Gul Ja
M To M (엠투엠) - 코끝이 짠하잖아요
MBLAQ - Again
MBLAQ - Oh Yeah.
MBLAQ - Stay
MC Mong - Sick Enough to Die
MC Mong & Seo In Young - Bubble Love
miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
miss A - Breathe
Miss A - Love Again
Miss-S  feat Nam Gyuri  - Cheater
Moon Bin  - Sad Ending
NARSHA (Brown Eyed Girls) - Ppi Ri Ppa Ppa
NARSHA (Brown Eyed Girls) ft Sunny Hill - Mamma Mia
Navi - Well Done
Oh Won Bin Ft Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls) - I love you and I love you
Oh Won Bin - C'mon Girl
Orange Caramel - Aing
Orange Caramel - Magic Girl
Park Hyo Shin - After Love
Park Jung Min - Not Alone
Rain - Love Song
Rain (Bi) - I'm Coming
Rain (Bi) - Love Song
Rain (Bi) - Love Story
Rainbow - A
S.M The Ballad - Miss you
S.M.ThebBallad - Hot Times
Se7en - Better Together
Se7en - I'm Going Crazy
Se7en - Lalala
Secret - I Want You Back
Secret - Madonna
Secret - Magic
Secret - Shy Boy.
SeeYa - His Voice
Seeya - Hot Girl
SeeYa - I Must Be Crazy
Seeya - You are So Cool to Me
Seeya & B.E.G The day part 2
SeeYa ft Davichi - You're All Grown up
Seeya, Davichi & Jiyeon - Forever Love
Seeya, Davichi & T-Ara - Wonder Woman
Seungri - Strong Baby
Seungri - V.V.I.P
Seungri - What Can I Do
SG Wannabe - Just
Shin Seung Hun - turn on the radio
SHINee - Amigo
SHINee - Hello
SHINee - Juliete
SHINee - Love Like Oxygen
SHINee - Lucifer
SHINee - Replay
SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
Shinhwa - Angel
Sistar - How dare you
SiSTAR - Shady
SNSD - Chocolate Love
SNSD - Gee (Japan Ver)
SNSD - Gee
SNSD - Gennie (Japan Ver)
SNSD - Gennie
SNSD - Hoot
SNSD - Into the New World
SNSD - Kissing You
SNSD - Oh!
SNSD - Run Devil Run
SNSD - Snowy Wish
SNSD - Visual Dreams
SNSD - Way To Go (Himnae)
SNSD & Super Junior - S.E.O.U.L
SNSD ft 2PM - Cabi Song
Soya N sun - Smile while saying GoodBye
SS501 - Dejavu
SS501 - Love Like This
SS501 - Love Ya
SS501 - Snow Prince
SS501 - U r Man
Super Junior - BONAMANA
Super Junior - Dont Don
Super Junior - It's You
Super Junior - Marry U
Super Junior - Miracle
Super Junior - No Other
Super Junior - Sorry Sorry
Super Junior - Sorry Sorry Answer
Super Junior - Twins
Super Junior - U
Super Junior - Victory Korea
Super Junior Happy - Cooking Cooking
Super Junior K.R.Y - The One I Love
Super Junior M - Blue Tomorrow
Super Junior M - Super Girl
Super Junior M - Too Perfect
Super Junior M - U
T.O.P - Turn It Up
Taeyang - I Need a Girl
Taeyang - Wedding Dress
Taeyang - I'll Be There
T-ara - Apple Song
T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
T-ara - Good Person
T-ara - Good Person (Ver. 2)
T-ara - I Go Crazy Because of You
T-Ara - I'm Really Hurt (part 1)
T-Ara - I'm Really Hurt (part 2)
T-Ara - I'm Really Hurt (part 3)
T-ara - Lies
T-ara - Lies (Ballad)
T-ara - Lies (Summer Ver.)
T-ara - Like the First Time
T-ara - We Are The One
T-ara - Why Are You Like This
T-ara - Yayaya
T-ara & Supernova - T.T.L (Time To Love)
T-ara & Supernova - T.T.L Listen 2
Teen Top - Angel
TeenTop - Supa Luv
Touch - Me
Trax - Let You Go
TRAX - Oh! My Goddess
U-Kiss - Man Man Ha Ni
U-Kiss - Shut Up
Wheesung feat. Jun Hyung (Beast) - Words That Freeze My Heart
Wonder Girls - Nobody (Eng Ver)
YeSung (Super Junior) - It has to be you(Cinderella_s Sister OST)
Yoseob & Gayoon - If I Have A Lover
Young Gun - I have to let you go
ZE-A - 하루종일 (All Day Long)
ZE-A - Here I Am
Zhang Li Yin - Moving On
Zhang Li Yin & Xiah Junsu (TVXQ)- Timeless
Zhang Li Yin & Xiah Junsu (TVfXQ)- Timeless 2
Zia  - Just Smile
ZIA - Bad habit
Zia - Don't Go
Zia - Have a Drink
Zia - Like Her
ZiA - Love Point + Feel Like Exploding + Yet
Zia Feat. 4MEN - Crying... Calling....
Zia - Voice of Heaven Epiode 1
Zia - Voice of Heaven Epiode 2
Zia - Voice of Heaven Epiode 3

note : Sebenernya masih banyak MV yg belom kusebut di atas, karena aku selalu update MV terbaru, dan ada juga MV lama yang kelewatan aku tulis, jadi boleh pesen MV yang ga ada di daftar di atas karena siapa tau aku punya atau kalaupun ga punya tar bisa aku cariin.

Cara pesannya, sebut ja MV yang kamu mau lewat email ke
atau liat disini



1 DISK = 30-40 MV



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